Peoples Aman Committee: a gang of Cannibals:

Cannibals are the peoples who eat the flesh of their fellow humans. Cannibalism is characterized by four aspects: killing victims, gaining energy from victims, size-dependent interactions and intra-specific competition.


You will find all the four aspects in the gangsters of PAC. The inhumane attitude shown by gang members of PAC clearly reflects that it is a gang of Cannibals.


From 2008, under the patronage of PPPP and guard-ship of sacked interior minister, the PAC has ballooned in Bloch dominated areas by act of violence and mercy less killing. Killing of Urdu speaking community in Lyari is just an example from many others.


If you have any doubt on my argument that these peoples are cannibals, then see the video of killing of Urdu speaking community which was present on YouTube for only one week of that killing in Lyari.


Some of these cannibals are kept in captivity by PAC in different torture under the influence of drugs. They are animals in their behavior under the influence of drug. They do not feel any fear of Allah when they slaughter innocent people in different torture cells.


PPPP has somehow tolerated these cannibals at initial stage when these killers were gaining strength in the Lyari. They had killed innocent Blochs who have resisted in the Lyari. They have killed them, burnt them alive and captured their houses. PPPP did not recognize the fact that Cannibals are more dangerous for their own community then the others. They have more opportunity to interact within their own community where there is no-body to resist their act of design. The same have now come true. They have started killing even the members of PPPP in their dominated areas in last two weeks.  


The non-existence of basic infrastructure and colonization of its mohallas by PAC men, are perfect conditions for the mental sickness of its members and the Blochs living at the mercy of PAC. The Presence of BLA men is catalyzing this cannibalism in Lyari.


If the PPPP wants to save its voters it must refrain from only gaining tactical control on Lyari by Choudhry Aslam. It should have a comprehensive plan to save lyariites from these cannibals including its commander in-chief the ex-interior minister.


PPPP must have a plan what to do next.


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