Karachi needs an effective citizen policing and effective interior minister

The confession of Zafar Baloch has thrown cold in spine of permanent citizen of Karachi who has any stake here. His confession that PPP has provided the arms and ammunition to them to counter MQM is really disturibing Karachiites. Since 2008 when PPP has taken charge of governing Pakistan, its office bearers at Sindh level have started streching their muscles to take control of Karachi. They have specially misued the Interior Ministry for this purpose of direct control which lead to the situation as we are facing in Lyari. 
In 2008 Mr. Waseem Akther (minster of MQM) was replaced with most notorious man of Haiderabad’s Mirzai para, Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza. Mr. Mirza issued 40000 arms licences without any due process and record keeping, which has been accepted by Zafar Baloch in his confession. 
Mr. Mirza with CCPO Waseem Ahmed and criminals of ANP have created land mafias in Karachi to grab the precoius depleting land for permenanet residents. The Police department was criminally assoulted by using its force to protect land grabbers, drug dealers and gun runners by the interior minister, Mr. Mirza and CCPO Mr. Waseem Ahmed. They have helped in spreading of terror of PAC from its epicenter Lyari to all those areas where Bauloch are living in Karachi. Mr. Mirza destroyed the social fabric of Baloch by stoking the hatred against Urdu speaking community, which led to the brutal killing of more than 100 urdu speaking people in Lyari in two days. 
Mr. Mirza has been involved in kidnapping of people for ransom. Kidnapping of Satish Annand and receiving handsome ammount as ransom is just an example. Mr. Mirza is still sharing the ransom amount of Kidnapped shopkeepers and Tarjiran in Karachi. 
After Mirza, Mr. Wasan took charge and kept day dreaming. He put more efforts in transfer and posting of SHOs on political affiliation with his party rather than on performance as a result law and order situation descended from bad to worst. Mr. Wasan left the Karachi in turmoil and more chaos.
Interior ministers of PPP has done more bad than any good to the situation of Karachi and overall Sindh. Sindh and specially Karachi needs more effective and un-biased interior minister who has any interest in the developement and maintaining law and order situation of Sindh. When MQM was in-charge of Interior ministry there was more peace and enabling environment for economical growth. We need interior minister like Waseem Akhter who can work day and night for the control of law and order in Karachi and Sindh.


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