Who burned the Petrol …?

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As we write it up … people in most of the major cities of Pakistan are beating each other to hospitals while waiting in long lines for petrol and CNG.

The shortage of petrol was in Punjab but like a virus it is now effecting the financial hub of Pakistan. We ponder on the pre-election claims of PMLN “ we have it all figured out” , “we are experienced in running the affairs of state”. We would also recall what Imran khan said” Aisay experience say main Anari he acha hoon” . Imran Khan was right.

How did things came to this level and the ultimate question,  “ where went the petrol”? unlike Pakistani media, we know the answers and we know the right questions as well.

To look for petrol, one need to look into the man responsible for it. Shahid Khakan Abbasi, today is the petroleum minister but in…

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