Save Karachi and Save Pakistan by generous donation to KKF (Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation)

It is well known fact on international level that citizen of Karachi are generous donors for the causes of social balance in Society. Karachi’s citizens have been donating to, welfare organizations and NGOs in the name of resistance in Kashmir and Afghanistan or welfare of needy people from last 67 years in Pakistan. But their generous donation has not brought any significant change in the life of poor and needy of this society.

Nobody from media, or civil society has ever researched or spoken on this matter of collection of huge fund in Karachi in last year, and never raised any question where the collected amount was spent and what is the volume of the amount collected.

The huge unaccounted-for money collected by some organization has given contributed and even propelled to the criminal activity inKarachi. The opportunity of easy money available in Karachi has attracted the criminal elements and they  made started to make their bases in Karachi in garb of various shapes. in 1980s the tug of war to control this flow of easy money was the reason of sudden jump in crime and ethnic tension among various section of the Karachi society. The people involved in collection, these easy money were mostly non-permanent residents which surprisingly penetrated in the non-permanent residents colonies of Karachi. This easy money has also started increase in the fight among these criminal elements mostly hiding in the garb of religious parties and Jihadi element for resistance in other part of the world. .

A huge donation was being collected by some welfare organizations also in last 67 years in Karachi, and the contribution made by them is no doubt undeniable on smaller scale, but if the donation collected by them will be compared with their contribution for social well being of all section of Karachi residents and response in case of any natural calamity is insignificant. It is a common observation that such organization in the name of Islam does not provide relief to people on the basis of humanity and need. Such Organizations help is highly selective for its workers or ideological supporters or otherwise they are highly selective on ethnic basis. Those who do not support its ideology have to pay handsome amount for services rendered to them even in their hospitals.

The million of Rupees being spent on unreasonable Dasterkhwan campaign are basically an agent of increase in street crimes. This dasterkhwan service is socially irresponsible behavior of such organizations. When you are given continuous free lunch you became passive and criminal in your approach towards society that is what some of these organizations are adding in Karachi.

A young middle class student’s leader, Altaf Hussain with his comrade established KKC as welfare organization in 1978. They have proved their objectivity by the first ever generated fund from their pocket money and remuneration by the tuitions given by Mr. Altaf Hussain and his companions. After successful launch and tremendous support of Karachi-ites, Mr. Altaf Hussain transformed KKC into KKF. KKF now offers monthly distribution of financial aid to the poor and needy people of Pakistan. The foundation also manages the provision of dowries to needy and orphan girls for their marriages. During the month of Ramadan KKF offers their annual aid distribution among the deserving people which are selected on the basis of merits of need irrespective of their cast, creed, ethnicity, sect and religion. Continuous provision of free medical treatment and medications is also one of the prime services provided by this organization. With the help of MQM, KKF provides legal assistance to those victims of State repression, who cannot afford it, under a full-fledged section known as the Legal Aid Committee. In case of natural catastrophe, KKF instantly forms its relief camps throughout the country. Its relief camps are always equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and full of required goods. The services provided by KKF has been acclaimed and supported internationally.Following the traditions of KKF’s services in national disasters, the foundation again showed tremendous efforts in the relief of the affected people of earthquake 2005 in Punjab and then in Baluchistan. KKF established numerous medical camps all over the affected areas. KKF showed its outstanding work in the relief activities during Pakistan’s worst flood disaster in the year 2010. This relief mission by KKF still continues. KKF took brave steps to provide relief to terrorism affected people of Pakistan. KKF is also working in partnership with the Society for the Unwell & Needy (SUN), in UK and USA. KKF together with SUN, is playing a potential role in providing relief for victims of the disasters in Pakistan. Besides, emergency relief, KKF and SUN came together to set up the SUN Academy in Karachi to provide quality education for the poor and needy children and to challenge educational inequality in Pakistan. It is The selfless efforts of KKF and SUN have been appreciated by the people.

KKF is running well equipped fleet of Ambulances all over Sindh and also working all over Pakistan. It owns various Hospitals and Dispensaries in Karachi and Sindh. It in process to establish another Hospital in Punjab very soon. It owns one of the best university “Nazeer Hussain University” in Karachi where faculty is mostly foreign qualified.

KKF distribute huge some of money to those who need help. It is really an agent for change and believes in empowerment of Women. It provides help in vocational training to under privileged by opening various vocational training centers.

The writer has thousands of more important contribution made by KKF for the welfare of Humanity irrespective of cast, creed and ethnicity.

We hope Karachi will keep giving generous donation to KKF for real change in Society. If you want to save your money from wastage then donate KKF.   


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