If anything goes wrong with Karachi Mr. Nawaz will be responsible as was Bhutto:

Karachi was a barren land, and unfavorable for industrialization. This port city was always present on the same position but it remained Kolachi not Karachi. Muhajirs brought talent, finance, and developed infrastructure and convert this barren land into Mega City in Pakistan. Once the city’s industries matured people from all over Pakistan converged here for earning their bread and butter. They worked here and sent their earnings to their home which provided them prosperity and honor at their home town. Those who came here for work contributed and thus industrial process was further strengthened. 

The feudal lords cum industrialists cum politicians have not accepted the hard work and material sacrifices of Muhajirs in this city. These people are doing everything to destroy the peace of this city. These forces think that after burning Karachi, Muhajirs will be eliminated from this port city. They do not know that Muhajirs will re-construct this industrial empire from its ashes but these feudal lords will  bring irreparable damage to Pakistan.

The current malicious activities, in the name of protest against voter list, local body ordinance, and against the popularity of MQM in Karachi-ites are further deteriorating the situation. Mr. Nawaz is criminalizing the politics of Karachi by supporting PAC, BLA and Nationalist who are always against the Pakistan. The situation in Karachi is pushing muhajirs to wall and closing all honorable routes of survival within boundary of Pakistan.

Here in Karachi MQM is the only force struggling in practically unworkable situation, to inject lubricants for reducing heat of anger and disappointment which ballooning in Muhajirs’ youth.

The forces who want to save Pakistan must act before it is too late. These forces must realize that the world is now global village. The world has agreed upon the fact that in cases of mass killing or ethnic cleansing the international force will not sit paralyzed. In this corporate world military cannot keep a nationality under its boundary by coercion without addressing the genuine issues of that Qoum. 


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