The Most of Killing and Attacks are executed within 1000 Meter on Shahrahe Ornagi!!

The most of the killing of beloved karkuns in Orangi town is being un-interruptedly executed with high frequency on Shahra-e-Orangi from Chandni Chowk to Chamcha hotel which is hardly a stretch of 1000 meter. The area where these Killings are taking place is the area of voters, and supporters of MQM. The police sets a picket with one mobile after Esha prayers only as deterrent for criminals but all killings are taking place on broad day light. Means, although being well informed about the killing pattern and time, police sets its drama after esha prayers. Rangers personnel never bother to move at this sensitive places.

I am least bothered about the insensitivity of Police and Rangers, I am more concerned about our own effort to frustrate the attempt of attackers who have killed more than 15 karkuns at same spot or on same road hardly in vicinity of 500 meter. Are we sending right singles to markaz on frequency of brutal killings of our workers on same spots? Are we sending right information to Markaz that the target killers are attacking from same area and killing our Karkun on Same spot from Nishan-e-Haider chowk to chamcha hotel and police is not cooperating with us in this regards? Are we vigilant enough with realization that police is un-cooperative therefore we need to be working on self-help bases.

Is there any security adviser in Orangi town of those who are high value target for not only Taliban but also criminal who are working under the garb of different political group. My question is based on a shivering fact extracted from the killing of Manzar Bhai. The glasses of Manzar Bhai Car was closed with Curtain covering the vision of Guards, as shown in picture speaks carelessness of either guards or advisor who has not made these guards to realize that they are sitting with most value able personality from Orangi and high value target for criminals or Taliban. The evidence collected from the scene of murder shows that guards have also returned fire as a result of which one of the attackers have been injured. This retaliation shows that guards have performed their duty well and to be saluted but if somebody from security point of view have made them realized that they should be more vigilant when sitting with Manzar bhai and try to keep their vision always unblocked the story might have been different today. Orangi needs direct intervention. Kiun kai Karkun or Rehnumaoon ki zindagi Maslehatoon per faislay ko moakhir kartai rehnai sai zaida qeemti hai. Kanhee koi failure ho raha hai, is ko talash karnai or hal karnai ki zaroorat hai.


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