Collective Wisdom must prevail: MQM’s representatives must be respected, heard and their logics must be accepted with open heart

Tomorrow, hearing of The Contempt of Court notice served to Altaf Hussain, will be conducted in Supreme Court. The Karaci-ites expect that when bench will sit for the hearing of this case, the collective wisdom of bench will prevail. The bench will stop any member from being blunt, bold, biased and adventurist in approach. As a pillar of state, judiciary, will struggle to dispel the impression (which may be unfounded) of being an agent to corner a particular community in Karachi. It must act to leave foot-print to be followed with justified reasons in years to come. It must understand that it is an Organ of state which is more important than wishes and boldness of a few individuals dealing with very sensitive issues and cases.

Tomorrow when representatives of Altaf Hussain will present (the reason behind choking tone of Altaf Hussain about un-just remarks and inappropriate and un-constitutional decision leaving all door closed for Karachi-ites in democratic setup), must be given due respect and their reasoning must be admitted with open heart. Some sense must prevail before it is too late, it must be understood that when somebody will spit on me, I will react which is common natural phenomenon and obeys the law of Physics. If somebody or any institution expects that it should be respected then it should treat others point of view with respect. If your decision clearly reflects that you want to abuse the power bestowed to you by state and your verdict strengthen the feeling of mistreatment of a particular community which leaves them completely cornered then their leader has no option but appeal for justice during his speeches.

It appears that the decision on delimitation of Karachi and correction of voter list by Army is just an abuse to a particular law on delimitation which is based on reason of revenue. There is long list of showing indifference for problem being faced by Karachi-ites. The Karachi-ites feel that a particular organ of state (or so called masseha) is insensitive for their true problem and is being instrumental in keeping them suffocated. Under the garb of controlling violence highly illogical and ridiculous options are being tabled to further deplete the oxygen for Karachi-ites.

There was no reason for adding Paragraph No. 15th and 16th in the SUO MOTU notice of Karachi violence against MQM. These two paragraphs clearly reflect that there was something in the mind of those who have drafted this verdict. Before adding paragraphs MQM should have been consulted and their version should have been added also. From the conduct of MQM it appears that it has never taken a route of collision but it has been forced to take a route to safe its people from being killed and disrespect of its supporters. Some people in has confusion that current democratic set has been evolved because of only their sacrifices; this point of view must be revisited. In Pakistan 2003 was year during which growth of IT and Social media was taking place. This social media did not accept the disrespect of Judiciary and thus it started a campaign in favour which was picked up by print and nascent electronic media as popular option to earn more and more. 

Tomorrow better sense must prevail, MQM’s representatives must be respected, heard and their logics must be accepted with open heart. Pakistan cannot absorb the damage caused by adventurist and egoist approach of individuals chairing the vital organ of state.


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