Today is a day of Mourning for Sindh:

The Feudal Mind Even could not be change in Oxford University. An educated person form The Prestigious University could not deliver any thing in his speech except hate mongering filled with filthy accusation on Judiciary & Army and state of denial from acceptance of fact that he is going to Chair a Party which failed at all front of running affairs of state. 
Today a shocking fact has been revealed that Sindhi nation is not going to be free from the feudal mind set. They will mesmerized with the rhetoric of Judicial Murder of Bhutto, and will keep ruling on soul and spirit of them for further 30 to 40 years till nature will clean the environment of Politics in Pakistan from them.
The young Bhutto did not bring any thing new even he could not explain why he was there and why should he be believed to be followed. Now there is no chance of good education for Sindhi community, civic services, development of infrastructure because these facilities will make the common man be able to raise questions on the credibility of Young Bhutto. A common Sindhi has lost its future and there is no hope of prosperity for Pakistan in near future due to development at canvas of Politics in Pakistan.


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