Speech of Altaf Hussain was propelled by inertia and resonance of event against his followers:

It is first Law of Newton that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. “This tendency is described as inertia”. While resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. The amplitude of resistance will increase many times when circumstances will provide enough wave of shock.

The Urdu speaking community has played a vital role in Tehreek-e-Pakistan Movement. It was the only community which was living in areas not be included in Pakistan. They have rejected offers of sharing the resources of united India. They have rejected 50% share in Parliament, jobs, and executives decisions. They became vital part of struggle to make effort of Qaid-e-Azam successful in the shape of Pakistan.

The Muhjirs brought talent, experience of running affairs of state, and financed the state to get survive. They helped Army to get stand on its feet, civil agencies to run affairs of infant state before it could be suffocated by its own weight of feudal mind, illiteracy, militancy and infertility of its talent. They established banks, industries, and preferred to do job in civil service to run business of state for which a team of intellectuals and experience people are required. Muhajirs provided all sort of help in all field of state business.

Feudal mind set and corrupt establishment who believes on slavery and wants to keep Muhjirs under their feet, made everything possible to take out oxygen for their social survival and were betrayed which started from 1960. The capital was transferred from Karachi to Islamabad, which thrown a wave shock not only in Muhajirs but also in Bengolis’ who found no neutral forces available to address their problems of discrimination in resource sharing and running affairs of their own part of state. 1961 census proved their doubt true when their population was shown many times lower than expected rise. The Bengolis’ found difficult to go with Pakistan but they showed restrain and presented few points as mild condition to continue their journey with Pakistan. Establishment, so called leader of reformist Mr. Bhutto and Feudal mind set took adventure of military solution. With the natural instinct of love with Pakistan, Muhajirs’ sided with Pakistan which resulted in their massacre by Bengolis’ Mukhti Bahini militants. 90000 Militarily men were arrested in war without any fight with enemy. In Simla Bhutto accepted the demand and condition of international arbitrator. As per condition the military was supposed to be released if Muhajirs from ex-Pakistan will be transferred to West Pakistan. But they were left un-attended in Campus and their generations are destroyed.

In 1960s Muhajirs were massacre by Gohar Ayub in Liaqtabad. All faces were known all murders were identifies but no FIRs were registered. Nobody was arrested; hundreds of Muhajirs’ remained in hope to see the justice will prevail. State remains indifferent and Judiciary remains impotent.

On 14 December 1986, their homes were attacked they were killed, maimed, women were raped and their children were directly burnt in fire. Police hardly 100m away was stationed in Orange town police station in large number but it remained un-moved. On expected move of retaliation army was asked to take control. Surprisingly army hushed up the murderers and it did not initiated any investigation. Muhajirs’ were betrayed again, since they have natural love for army of state they did not doubt on the partiality and therefore they did not complained on such gross negligence on killing. Videos were available those people who killed their boys, men, women are still living in same lane and same locality without any fear of implementation of law and justice. The same criminals are continuously killing them in the name shia, sunni, workers of MQM so on but there is no neutral force to provide them any help.

During the so called SUO MOTTO notice all guns were pointed towards MQM the sole representatives of Middle class Muhajirs’. Muhajirs’ destiny is being decided by politicians of other province, rangers of other language, their locality is being guarded by police from other provinces, 80% of them are here doing their jobs on fake domicile. The police take booty on settling patharas, runnig dens of smugglers and other criminals. Police personnel pickup their boys and take huge amount on releasing them only when they (the police) fail to fix these boys in fabricated cases.

The Qasba Aligarh area was being attacked, and axed from city by Criminals of ANP, TTP and PAC for six days with repeated frequency in 2010, and 2011. no state machinery came to rescue them and protect them from ethnic cleansing. The so called CJP was re-instated at that time but he did not took any SUO MOTTO notice.

During revision of SUO MOTTO notice remarks were give again and again against majority party but no remarks was given on killing on mass level. Killing of Muhajirs in Lyari, and Qasba. No remark was given on nexus of TTP, ANP and PAC. But CJP met with killer and criminal Mr. Habib Jan Baluch on whom FIR is registered in London. One of the bench members became so bold in his remarks that he ordered, the majority party must be controlled for which delimitation should be done only in Karachi.

The founder leader of MQM was forced by his followers to respond on such blatant remarks. The followers of MQM have requested him to respond with higher amplitude on this unbalanced force of Judiciary comment. The advice of showing restrain and remain quiet was counter balanced by his followers’ appeal that there is enough proven reason of partiality in treatment with a particular community and City. Choice of word and pitch of his sound all were controlled by inertia and resonance of event against his followers. Issuance of notice to him is blatant violation of Human right and Freedom of speech and clear indication of discrimination against leader of a particular community.

Those “who claim they will protect Pakistan” must interfere otherwise a nationality which have enough reason “even stronger then Baluch” is no more going to accept continuation of such treatment. For them time is running short thus balancing force must intervene before it is too late.


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