Qasba Aligarh Massacre 14 December and Notice to Altaf Hussain:

14 December is a date for Massacre in Qasba Ali Garh Ornagi Town, Karachi. Is there any message in bottom line on issuing a notice on the same day. Better show your patience and fight academically so that it could be presented in a better way. We have much ingredient to win over this issue. We can prove that your power does not allow you to murder the democratic right of speech and expression of thought. Let this fight start and use the synergy of your talent. there is no reason of getting in panic. You will win this battle. You belong to a Movement not a simple political party. You have seen much difficult conditions and survived. Your muscles must not be stretched to show your street power. Please, arrange team of competent lawyers you have a team of great people. It is time for our think tank to prove their presence. Please, avoid being rude and illogical in cyber war being utilized by our friends. Any burst out will weaken our point of view. But use this facility to expose one sided tyranny of using state apparatus by individuals by logical and well though-out and researched arguemnts.


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