The Remarks of Supreme Court judge must be re-visited before it causes an irreversible damage to the state of Pakistan


 Importance of census:

According to the Delimitation of Constituencies Act, 1974, the constituencies for elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies are to be delimited after every census. There is well thought out reason for this act. Every country needs basic information of its residents obtained by census for purposes of planning, development and improvement of the residents’ quality of life, for example, while planning a road system, the planners use information regarding the quantity of people and number of vehicles who are likely to use the road; for if not, the advantages of constructing the road may not justify its cost. Similarly, when planning a school system, there is a need for a forecast of the number of pupils who are likely to need schools, in order to ensure that they will be built in locations with an appropriate number of pupils. This allows the federal and provincial government to distribute billions of Rupees from NFC award. This also ensures the justified number of seats in assembly in federal and provincial level to represent and safeguard the right people.

The Karachi-ites are deeply sensitized with the remarks given by a member of five-judges bench during the hearing of Karachi Lawlessness case. In which the Judge remarked that “delimitation of constituencies should be done in Karachi in such a manner that there was no monopoly of a single party”.

The Karachi-ites feel that it is tantamount to interference in the right of the people to choose their representative in assemblies and local bodies’ institutions, and in contravention of section 9 of the Delimitation of Constituencies Act 1974.  This remark has disappointed common (wo)man of Karachi who is already under pressure due to “apathy of law-enforcement agencies”, “paralysis of government apparatus” and “ruling by bench of group who has no respect and capacity to show brinkman ship and moral authority of governance”.

Karachi-ites were facing bitter taste due to the ignorance and indifferent attitude shown to them by state machinery or at-least by those who run the affairs of a state, this bitterness has increased many folds after remark. It is established fact for Karachi-ites those who are trying to become the champions of protecting right of people of Karachi and claim that Karachi-Sab-Ka Hai, are always silent on any distress time.

The Judge has tried to be one of the members of champions who claim that they have solution of all problems of Karachi. But Karachi-ites know these champions very well. These champions remained silent in events when they were in dire need of anybody to help them. These so called champions remained silent in 60s when the Capital was transferred from cosmopolitan city to an artificially designed forest land of Islamabad. This discriminatory step not only disappointed the citizen of Karachi but also it was wastage of huge financial resources of tax-payers.

These champions remained silent when so called field marshal’s son attacked with a regiment of drug peddler, and smugglers on Karachi-ites in Liaqatabad, in which hundreds of innocents were killed mercilessly, but state machinery including police remain un-moved. No FIRs were registered nobody was arrested. After all the blood of Karachi-ites are only to be spilled on roads without any respect of humanity and so called democracy.

These champions remained silent when Bhutto Sahib has taken control of a defeated Pakistan as Civilian Martial-law Administrator (a word which was never coined before in world). His regime robbed Karachi by nationalizing the industries, banks and educational institution. Simultaneously, a quota system was slapped with 40 and 60% distribution. A planned law and order situation was created in which hundreds of innocents belonging from a particular linguistic back ground were killed in Rural areas of Sindh, which resulted in mass migration. This migration resulted in loss of their share in resources, jobs and rendered quota system use less for them. As well the Karachi-ites were pushed towards wall by closing doors of jobs in government and private sectors. More than 80% jobs in Police department is rewarded to those who are even not the citizen of Sind what to say about Karachi. The Revenue department is in total control of a particular group of people who belong to Sindhi Speaking Elite. There is no respect for Quota in Agriculture, In-come tax, Technical Education etc.

These champions remain silent in 86 when large number of Karachi-ites were killed by attackers from KPK in Qasba Aligarh area of Karachi. The murders and burning of their homes was done just 100 meters away from Police station, State machinery and law enforcement agencies remained indifferent. When army stepped in to control the situation no FIRs were registered, nobody was arrested. After all the blood spilled on road was of Karachi-ites.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 when so called independent judiciary was fully active, Qasba Colony was surrounded by ANP terrorist in collaboration with TTP for 8 days each time in a stretch. A large number of residents were killed and injured by gun shots. State machinery, champions and so called judiciary which takes SUO MOTO notice on everything did not take SUO MOTO on Qasba Debacle. After all the blood of Karachi-ites are of no value. Rangers only moved when Governor sahib called to ISI chief. Thing came to normalcy in 3 hours only.

The so called independent judiciary remained silent and no SUO MOTO was taken for killing of innocent Karachi-ites in Holy month of Ramadan in 2011 by people’s aman committee (PAC, a proxy of PPP). The governor contacted ISI chief who asked intelligence agency to work for releasing of more than 100 captive to be killed. Police remained unmoved and rangers inactive as well judiciary remained un-sensitized for Karachi-ites.

The most respected CJP who is so daring never gave any remarks on killing of innocents in Lyari, Qasba Debacle, Qasba Aligarh killing in 86, 1992 state oppressiveness, etc., He has never paid attention towards the reality that JI, ANP, Haqiqi and Gang War (a proxy of PPP) have been distributed license of Non-Prohibited Bore for mass killing in Karachi.

We Karachi-ites had a hope with independent and impartial judiciary that this Judiciary will take care of their rights and help them to recover from deeply inflicted injury and assault by establishment, law enforcement agencies, politician and mafias from outside Karachi. The Karachi-ites had strong hope that very soon judiciary will take SUO MOTO notice on discriminatory Quota System, demographical stress, killing of innocents. But all their hopes have vanished in thin air with the remarks given by Judge. Karachi-ites are unable to understand, how a learned judge can be so biased and feudal in his approach.

The city has been encroached upon by large number of migrant influx in last 5 years after Army operation in KPK and floods in Rural Sindh. This influx has resulted in demographic change and stress on the infrastructure of Karachi. The Biological experiment on Mice in controlled labs has proven that peace vanishes in mice cage when their number increased beyond available food for them. The population increase in mice cage results in Cannibalism (eating weak by stronger mice). The un-checked amassing of people without any increase in resources has resulted un-employment for permanent residents, crime and mafias to control the depleting resources in before it is completely exhausted.

The Karachi-ites were much satisfied on the decision passed by CJP earlier in which he has advised to the election commission and government to follow the law during Delimitation. The Karachi-ites were in impression that the government will conduct census as soon as possible and then election commission will start delimitation of constituencies all over Pakistan. They were in impression that the census and will indicated that the number of seats in provincial and federal assembly for Karachi should increase. And Their share in resource distribution will increase form divisible pool of NFC award. The remarks given by judge have disappointed severely to all Karachi-ites. The gravity and damage of ignoring importance of census can be can be understood from the fact that census of 1961 was tempered in which population of west Pakistan was grossly under-counted (estimated) which led towards severe alienation and mistrust in East Pakistan and ultimately it broke away within only 10 years from Pakistan.

Some people argue that outsiders should be given overblown representation for destination of Karachi-ites because there are different nationalities settled in Karachi. Karachi-ites have valid question which province in the country does not have different nationalities and people of diverse ethnic background? Can it be justified to order new delimitations of constituencies in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, just because people speaking different languages lived there so that there does not remain the monopoly of a single party? Hence observations from the bench of the Supreme Court are undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional.” If lawlessness in Karachi is the basis for the observation by the Supreme Court, the situation in Baluchistan is even worse than Karachi, in the same manner Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is also in the grip of lawlessness. No such observation about delimitation was given there.

The Karachi-ites demands that better sense must prevail, before it is too late and irreversible damage is done to the State of Pakistan. The Establishment kept plundering and looting Baluchistan for 60 years, there was no body to ask question on injustice being done to them but only two months before United Nation has sent a delegation to investigate the murder and disappearance of Balouchs. The arrival of delegation should open eyes of Punjab especially. You cannot control over the people will by military power any more. If anything will go wrong in future in Karachi it will benefit Nationalist from Sindh and completely damage Punjab.


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