Expected 18000 jobs in Education department of Sindh in near future: Will quota system be followed?

It is just to remind ourselves that almost 18000 jobs in primary, junior secondary and high school level are announced recently for which 700000 candidates have applied. The PPP govt. is in hurry for these jobs for appointments. The current govt. of Sindh is dam serious to see the these jobs must be awarded before their government tenure is elapsed. 

I have collected this information from the Daily Dawn about the district wise distribution of these jobs. 


It is just to be noted that the way jobs have been distributed it will blatantly disregard the Urban-Rural Quota. There are 15000 jobs out 18000 from rural areas of sindh. If quota system will be applied on these jobs is it possible for any body from Urban area to go and work in Sanghar, Jacobabad, Nousheroferoze? and if no Urban candidate will go there who will grab the part of Urban Quota in rural Sindh? It means that all of these jobs are only for Rural candidates.

From 6000 jobs of Urban areas out of 215 million population there will be further distribution of Rural and Urban Quota. Thus how many jobs are left for Karachi-ites and Hyderabad Citizen? From last 4.5 years a large number of KPK students have passed their matriculation and intermediate in Karachi, they all are eligible to apply for these jobs and they will get Domicile and PRC from Karachi easily because they have already successfully competed both conditioned of matric and inter in From Karachi. If their candidature will also be counted how many jobs of Urban Quota is left of Permanent residents of Karachi?

We need to monitor the process starting from testing by neutral body, interview process, and selection process. It will be our duty to see that out of total 18000 jobs true quota system must be followed. There are 2% quota for disabled we should see how many part of it is grabbed only by rural area?


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