Please encourage educated youth at unit and sector level to apply for such jobs: Are we taking record for future reference:

Please: Take these appointments seriously. Either Karachi-ites are preffered or rejected during test or interview or training process bu encourage them to apply. Employment cell is requested to maintain record if possible and keep record how many Karachi-ites applied for these jobs and how many passed test, interview and then rejected in ISSB level. It is a matter of life and death for the prosperity of Karachi-ites. We have to fight back for conspiracy against us. Our people are being rejected at all level. Pleas Please Please take these matter of jobs in all walk of life seriously. We being forced to get sunk in war like situation to fail to take care of the right of our people who vote for us and support us.
All available jobs should be displayed at Unit and sector level and common educated Karachi-ites must be convinced to apply for such jobs. Employment cell Zimadaran should keeping tracking of such jobs starting from advertisement till finalization of appointments.Image


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