Engagement of Army or Paramilitary force for massive operation in Karachi is a planned conspiracy against Pakistan.

Asif Ali Zardari, a proven illegitimate politician is Gorbachove of Pakistan. At this moment if Army or paramilitary forces are engaged in massive operation in Karachi, it will be disastrous for Pakistan. PPP has deliberately designed and made un-controlled the law and order situation in Karachi. The Qabza mafia, drug mafia, criminals from KPK under the garb of ANP, criminals under the cover of PAC and Nationalist (proxies of PPP) Taliban in Karachi are ingredients which has been nurtured by PPP legislators under direct supervision of its top leader. It is army chief and CJP who should realize that so called claim of maintaining peace by crushing MQM will not be a viable option. MQM is no more in 1992 mode and world is changed totally. Your attitude towards a particular ethnic community must be reformed. Muhajirs have been thrown-out from public sector jobs, and their business environment has been deliberately disturbed. Either it is shia being killed or sunni, or politicla worker of any party being killed in Karachi it is muhajirs who are getting perished without any help provided by LEAs. Where were were you CJP and LEAs when in 2009, 2010, and 2011 our people being attacked in Qasba, Aligarh and Ittehad town. Where were you when our people were being slaughtered in Lyarin in Holy month of Ramazan. World is changed now, Baluchistan is getting out from our control, KPK is in war, and PPP is actual player in all this situation. If justice will not be done to a particular community then it will difficult to keep Pakistan in current geographical status. 


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