Jobs in Education Sector and our responsibility in safeguarding the right of Permanent Residents of Urban Sindh

The education sector is one of the field which provides highest number of jobs to educated people of a country and same is the case in Pakistan and Sindh. Since it is the biggest employment sector therefore interest and interference are also very high.

Sindh is the only province of Pakistan which has notorious and redundant Urban and Rural Quotas for its citizens. The so called nationalist (proxy of PPP) are not disturbed with the actual reason of division of Sindh in Urban and Rural block because the Quota system which suits them. The Nationalist  never talk about unjust Quota system in Sindh which has stood the cause of sense of deprivation and anxiety in Urban areas of Sindh.

On empirical ground the quota system is no more valid. There is no-SUO-MOTTO notice on this system which is some how a system to keep the people of Urban sindh as the subservient of Rural elite.

The clear and uncontested majority of rural elite from establishment has created some how cartel-ization of jobs in field of education and jobs from Urban Quota is served to Non-residents deliberately to decrease the number of jobs available for permanent residents which is leading towards higher level of violence and disturbance.

The writer has some shocking observation to be shared.

  1. When job is announced by education department it is divided on the basis of so called quota which is no more justice for the citizen of Karachi and all residents of Urban section of Sindh.  
  2. If the Capital is Karachi and CM and education minister as well as Secretariat is in Karachi why jobs are mostly handled from Thnadi sarak, Jamshoro, Sindh?
  3. In jobs of a particular subject why questions based on pure memory of General Knowledge is added in large number in SPSC examination papers.
  4. What is the role of interview committee in selection at the last stage.
  5. Why and how people from other provinces who are not permanent residents of Karachi and other section of Urban sindh are offered jobs from Urban quota in large number while not a single non-sindhi speaking candidate is offered jobs from Rural Quota.
  6. Why the document of those who apply and clear after interview (doubt full) are not properly checked. Either these candidates are eligible to apply or not but such candidates not only get cleared but also manage to furnish Domicile and PRC while their CNIC card clearly reflects that they are permanent residents of Peshawar, Malakand, Lahore etc.,
  7. How interview committee is constituted and what is their role in ensuring un-biased selection of candidates.
  8. As per SPSC rule if a candidate does not accept job after selection, such jobs are offered to waiting candidates. Who ensures that the list remains un-tempered after a candidate rejects offer of jobs?

Since MQM is the only party voted by middle class and it is the most popular party from Urban Sindh therefore its office bearers owes a responsibility to ensure and safeguard the interest of Urban people who are permanent residents of Urban Sindh.

  1. We should ask from responsible authority of SPSC to frame the question papers from subject and either do not include general knowledge or if added it should be in fractions. General knowledge is the reason of selection of non-merit candidate who is not capable to answer the actual questions from subject but weak candidate take benefit of such memory based questions which has nothing to do with their competency in subject.
  2. The department which issues Domicile and PRC must be regulated. These departments are killing the life blood of Urban people because the issuance of Domicile and PRC to non-residents are reason of selection of those who are non-eligible.
  3. The graduate from Urban Sindh should be motivated to apply for such jobs and they should be informed about the benefit and full-time career of such government jobs.
  4. Interview committee must be monitored in process of interview. it is to be noted that most of the candidate of a particular ethnic back ground who speak Urdu are rejected by the interview committee.
  5. Currently a large number of Jobs have been announced by Education department of Sindh but graduate from Urdu speaking background are least bothered to even apply for these jobs. They should be helped and informed from all part of MQM. Units, Sectors, APMSO sectors A, B, C and D. These offices should contact recent graduates and they should be motivated to apply.
  6. APMSO and STF has highly talented team of people in which professors are even available these candidates should be helped by staff and workers of STF and APMSO in preparation of their SPSC exams.

For the survival of Urban Sindh and increase in our support we need to seriously work for these jobs. We have Workers who are diversified in their approach and committed with their assignments. We should depute a few of our workers specially to look into the matters of Government jobs also for Urban People who are permanent residents of Sindh and voters and supporters of us.


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