is there any remedy if MQM’s effort to bring the peace in Karachi frustrates??

The permanent residents of Karachi must join hands with MQM in maintaining peace and tranquility in Karachi. What ever language you speak or from ethnic background you belong or sect you practice you must understand that it is only MQM which is seriously working hard to see that peace of Karachi must return. In this matter the citizen of Karachi should try to expose those individuals who are the part of sensitive agencies and misusing their position for their personal gain. Karachi-ites should be familiar with the faces like ex-CCPO Mr. Waseem who has made the Qabsa group as organized crime and provided cover to ex-interior minster Mr. Zulfiqar in issuing licences of arms to those who were not deserving candidates for those arms licences. It is Mr. Waseem who helped criminals in Lyari to get more organized and brutal in their actions. There are other undercover individuals who are to be identified and exposed by all of us. It is high time to act. Do not believe that some body like Mohammad bin Qasim will come to rescue you from heaven in near future. 

I have pain in sharing that highest number of innocent minor girls being raped and killed from Gulshan and Guistan-e-Jouhar areas are non-urdu speaking girls. similarly the highest number of innocent baby boys who are kidnapped for ransom are Pathan children from Banars, Site, manghopir, sultanabad etc., Therefore if some body is misguiding non-urdu speaking community that burning of Karachi is the loss of only Muhjirs it is gross mistake. All Karachi-ites what ever language they speak are in serious threat of their honour and their life is in danger. Remember when your car is stopped in rush and some criminals starts looting all cars and buses in Site area, Gulshan area, Gulistan-e-johar area and qaidabad area the criminals do not care about your ethnicity and thus every body is looted. 

The blind bullet does not care about your ethnicity and kills every body irrespective of which language you speak in your privacy or which sect you practice in your capacity. MQMs effort must be appreciated and its followers must be helped in bringing peace in Karachi otherwise the whole Karachi will burn and those who have left their parent homes decades ago and are settled here will be completely destroyed. 


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