Rural elite has taken control over the social fabric and well-being of Urban middle class, time to pay attention

It is to be noted that 2% elite of Rural background have taken total control of resources of Sindh Province. The educated youth of Urban middle class background are not finding any space to survive. The education system in Sindh specially in Karachi is destroyed shrewdly which has resulted in lack of confidence in youth of Urban areas. The situation is getting bed to worst now a days. The youth from Karachi only complete their masters degree  while youth from rural background not only complete their masters but also complete B.Ed and M.Ed which is easily available from University of Sindh, Jamshoro and even easily available from Malir branch of  same university. All jobs in Education department is advertised with condition that only those candidate are eligible to apply who are inter, BA/B.Sc, MA/ M.Sc and also possesses B.Ed or M.Ed. This is clear discrimination because the Youth of Urban Area are not interested in B.Ed and M.Ed thus they are losing such jobs. it is criminal negligence of Urban youth that they do not per sue for such degrees and thus loose the option of such jobs as a result only youth of Rural areas are getting jobs not only from rural quota but also from Urban  quota. 

The elite community from rural background is getting education from a few quality institutions and therefore taking large number of merit scholarship of Sindh government because to their high aptitude.  If they can not avail scholarship then they move abroad to study further at their own cost because they can afford foreign qualifications. When these elite from Rural Background come back they are taking care of the interest to their brother-en.  These boys are now placed at top position in Govt of Sindh and from Sindh to Federal Govt. 

You can see that after long long negotiation they have accepted SPLGO in which land and revenue is kept under the control of these elite who will be revenue and land commissioners.  No body from Urban side has ever tried to expose them, are raised question on their desire, why Urban middle class people should be controlled by Rural elite. Mr. Paleejo has objection on why Urban side is being given little autonomy. He belongs to same elite youth who is convinced that urban middle class people are their slave and they should beg every thing from them. He has most interesting objection that SPLCO do not allow chief minister to throw the mayor without any legal formalities. His naked stance on the matter is that the chief minister should have right to throw Mayer when ever he likes without any legal formalities. This thinking is not of only Mr. Paleejoooooooooooo but it reflects the mindset of elites of Rural Sindh. 

The urban middle class permanent settlers in Karachi must realize the gravity of situation, otherwise they will completely be overrun by Rural Elite.


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