Suspending Mobile phone services on EID, must be investigated because it is sending worst signal on breakdown of Law an order to out side world

It is surprising that no-strong reaction is being shown by civil society on the suspension of mobile phone services on highly important religious celebration of EId and EID-ul-Alzah. Interior ministry is  suspending the service as an option of eye-wash to divert the attention of people from the actual issue in Pakistan ans specially in Karachi. Suspension of services is just like banning the motorcycle double sawari on each target killing without any justification. In Pakistan some criminal either negligence or silent support is being given to the crime of Mobile service provider. The interior ministry has not taken any concrete step to block illegal SIMS but has started suspending the services which is more disturbing for subscriber who are innocent client paying for these services. The use of illegal SIMs by criminals all over Pakistan is an open secret. It is only Pakistan where multinational Banks, Mobile service provider, corporate industries are doing their business without respecting the law of the land (Pakistan), KESC is just an example of such disrespect of Pakistan’s law. State machinery is impotent to bring them under the law of the land. Mobile phone providers have sold their services without complete data which has resulted in its use for crime. State is failed to forces these service provider to block illegal SIMS, but they have started to suspend the services on those days when it is most needed. On same day when service is suspended street crime increases and LEAs become immobile and unable to act on any SOS call. 

The solution is blocking the illegal SIMs rather then suspending the services on regular basis. What message interior ministry wants to send in civilized world by taking this step should be investigated by watchdogs because this step is doing more wrong then benefit.


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