Why Permanent residents of Karachi are not taking interest in Female and Male Nursing Sector

As Karachi-ites what ever language we speak or what ever sect we preach we must understand the potential present in the health sector. We must pay attention towards the field of Male and female health Nursing system. Health University is producing a large number of Female and Male Health Nurse with best skill provided to them. As a result the non-permanent students in this field are easily got adjusted in this field. If you will visit these facilities and observe the enrollment you will be surprised that Karachi-ites take these field as shameful activity and therefore parents do not like to send their daughters to study in this field. This approach is decreasing the number of jobs available for permanent residents of Karachi. As Karach-ites we need to search for new fields and pay attention towards already available fields which had been neglected in Past. We should also pay attention to create more conducive and respectable environment in health sector. Our doctors must pay respect to those who dare to study in this field from Karachi and then take pain to work in this field.  

I remember those days in Karachi University in 90s and my seniors tell the bitter stories of 80s in which our sisters were not feeling comfortable in KU due to open threatening and dishonoring behaviour of students wing Representing different ethnic groups and so called Islamist Wing. Then some APMSO started playing its role and created an environment of freedom and respect for all female students. And now number of female students in KU are more than male students. They study here and get market oriented education and many of them are contributing in betterment of our society. 

Studying Nursing by Karachi-ites is taboo it must be broken by our concerted effort. We all respect females in our home. they are treated with respect in our home as mother and sisters, we even respect our wives and family of others. We must take charge of this sector and check those single events which have shocking impact on the honour of our female companions which force them to avoid this field. 

This right time because the job market and chances of getting better job for our female and less educated but skilled and willing male workers are shrinking and non-permanent residents are totally capturing this growing field.

Sooner we act better it would be for prosperity of our generations.


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