Voters and supporters of MQM are getting vulnerable. WHY????

Karachi is now a days being propelled towards a controlled violence and law and order situation by highly organized criminal mind set being catalyzed by paid killers. These criminals being remotely controlled are directed to suddenly increase the number of murder for extracting any political gain. In Last three days Karachi has seen abrupt increase and highly immoral style of targeted killing to send a wave of terror among common people. In last two days two family have lost their all male members in targeted murder. killing of four members of one family on car in North Karachi belonging to one sect and three members of same family of another sect has raised the tension but if you will analyse it closely you get surprised to know that both killing are some how tolerated by a few personnel of LEAs or Police. And these were surgical planned to send a message that two sect are killing each other. 

The Karachi-ites are un-able to understand why most disturbing killing being executed in New Karachi from Ramadan to two days ago are very near to LEAs building and their check post. There are other un-answered question but my purpose is not to raise doubt on paralysis of LEAs, and Police. 

The voters and supporters of MQM are becoming more vulnerable day by day, therefore they are easily demoralized by such killings. The voters and supporters of MQM are in reactive mode in Panic. We are expected to write articles on achievements of MQM and its high moral ground outside Pakistan and within Pakistan. We need to educated our voters and supporter that it is no more 1992 and what we preach we believe in it as well. Some people in Agencies are misusing their position and therefore they start creating law and order situation to force MQM to follow their timeline is no more acceptable and we will retaliate and expose them if they do not change themselves at earliest. We need to interact with our voters and supporters to increase their moral at mohalla level and We will not tolerate situation like Qasba, if we take any decision in future. 

We all need to understand forcing electoral enrollment to follow a design like slave has broken Pakistan into two countries and now Balouchistan is at brink of getting apart. Either the people at the helm of affairs change their attitude or nature will take its due course, which is slow process but definite.


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