Our generations’ survival depends upon quality education: we cannot close our eyes

The Karachi is descending towards irreversible anarchy and its social fabric is deliberately made to rupture. There are multiple reasons for this anarchy but complete failed status of education and institutions is imparting quality education is f point of concern. The low quality education system is severely damaging the intellectual rigor and sending a wave of demoralization in the youth of Karachi on large scale.

Mr. Obama said in his speech that the more educated will be the American youth the more prosper will be the state.

In Sind in general and in Karachi in special the education system not only on Govt. school and college level but also in private sector is completely sub standard. Private schools are only concerned with the increase in their revenue by periodic changes in their fee without increasing the salary and environment in same proportion. Most of these schools appoint low quality teachers specially females who accept all sorts of policies which are only favorable for owners. The low quality untrained teachers completely destroy the growth process of young mind and logic and reasoning are murdered by the cramming in almost all schools. The students are forced to copy material from sub-standard books or high standard books which are even not familiar to their low quality teachers. Then they are forced to cram it and regurgitate in exam hall. Parents are least bothered to ask questions on their high claim on conducive environment and trained teachers. The writer has worked for many years in the most reputed institutions where he has seen little struggle but unfruitful.

The most ineffective department in Sind is education department which either do not have muscle or will to take any appropriate measures in this regard. Private Schools are more powerful lobby then ineffective and impotent education department of Sind. The only reason of most of the problem of Sind and Karachi is non-resident officers who work on fake domicile in Sind or elite class officer who have dam care for this education system. For them they are doing service to their fellow members of same elite family by not acting in positive direction. The less they will take measures the more people will remain poorly educated or uneducated who will never compete with them for jobs of higher cadre. This situation is serving best to the elite class who are getting educated from schools of high standard and this education system is increasing the loss of middle class for which MQM is striving to make change in Pakistan.

The  wadera and sarmaidar is getting high quality of education while the children of middle class have no other opportunity to get better education. The system is there, teachers are there, infrastructure is there in Karachi but lack of will has thrown the entire education system in to failure or least productive in term of intellectual rigor and reasoning. The poorly educated youth of middle class is unable to compete with the elite class students for jobs available on merit or quota. As a result elite class is getting almost all jobs and middle class is out of the consideration. In Karachi there is other problem of very high level of migration. The students of migrants are better educated in their school in KPK and Punjab and specially Gilgit are completing their intermediate from Karachi and rest of the tertiary education. These boys are better equipped with skills and thus after education they are taking all jobs of quota on merit. Last year out of 22 positions of Lecturers in Chemistry from Karachi 16 were grabbed either from boys of Punjab or KPK only 6 were permanent residents as Karachi-ites. Two years before the merit scholarship of HEC out of 800 only 60 or 70 were awarded to Sind students on merit rest were from KPK or Punjab out of 60 only 10 or less were for pure Karachi-ites. The increase in migrant influx has totally destroyed the quota system and no change in the allocation of quota on the basis of population has been made. For 3 crore urbanites in Sind there is 40% quota while rest of 2crore rural Sind there is 60% this is demoralizing for voters of MQM.

We are needed to struggle to improve the quality of education system in Karachi and should take concerted effort on large scale to monitor the private sector schools for their output. Our generation’s survival depends upon quality of education therefore we cannot close our eyes. 


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