A ray of hope: Pakhtoons Jalsa by MQM: an effort for a symbiotic relationship in multi-ethnic population of Karachi

It is true that the Karachi is mini-Pakistan because it consists of multi-ethnic community which has converged from all over Pakistan and India after its inception.  After proven impotency of JI in Karachi a MQM started taking its shape in 80s and it took landslide victory after 88 in Karachi. The establishment did not accept the rise of MQM in Karachi. The law and order situation in overall KPK and Flood in Rural Sindh has not only increased the population explosion beyond control but also intelligence agencies have tried to downplay the mass movement of people only to keep the growth of a political party whose all leaders are from middle class background under control.

The migration without any increase in employment opportunity to change the demographic superiority of one language over other has poisoned the multi-ethnic harmony and diversity in Karachi. Most of the people who have migrated after 86 were un-skilled therefore they made themselves available as low paid workers in all industries and service sectors. This behavior has reduced already depleting employment opportunity further for those who were permanent settler from other provinces. The migrants have concentrated around all industrial state and trading facility in Karachi like LITE, SITE, North Karachi industrial state and FB Area industrial state and old city area, which has greatly compromised with the security and ergonomics situation of the workers, employer and small traders. Some criminals took the shelters in these un-lawful settling tanks. When employment opportunities decreased with increase in population a natural war of survival started in Karachi.

With a fear of un-employment people who have recently migrated from other parts of country have started encircling the industrial states and old city areas. In the bid to control the depleting resources in Karachi the planning of intelligence agencies failed as result the peace and harmony among different ethnic entities in Karachi has eroded. The Criminals have taken the shelters of loose set up of ANP. These criminals have encroached on state land and sold them to these migrants at through away prices. It has cost a huge loss to revenue of govt. The un-interrupted unlawful land utilization caused ethic polarization. These lands were specially encroached near Urdu-Speaking locality for example Qasba, Surjani, Scheme 33, Gulistan-e-Johar in such a manner that they felt being deliberately suffocated. A few clashes strengthen their point of view in which the Urdu-Speaking community was attacked with sophisticated weapon and they were left at the mercy of these criminals for many days. In Qasba the clash was so intense that people belonging from both Urdu speaking and Pashto Speaking community were virtually caught in war zone. ANP smuggled criminals from KPK to attack which was planned much earlier while MQM tried to support its voter in Qasba by putting his workers in dangers by retaliation in which many of them from both sides were perished. This clash provided strength to criminals working under the banner of ANP without direct or indirect involvement of leaders of ANP. But this clash left complete mistrust for these two communities for each other.

The MQM must be appreciated for the effort of breaking this ice by organizing Pakhtoon Jalsa in which attendance of Paktoons as audience was really surprising phenomenon. This Jalsa has provided opportunity to both Urdu Speaking and Pashto Speaking community to shun their differences and start a new journey in which there is no competition for the survival of fittest that is the law of jungle. By organizing the Jalsa MQM has again proved that it is trend setter in Pakistan. It always thinks better and brings out of box solution for Pakistanis. This Jalsa which was attended by a large number of Pakhtoons and Hazariwals has sent a shocking message to the criminals who are involved in Bhatta collection from traders and target killing of innocent Urdu Speaking or Pashto Speaking people.

The motive of Jalsa organized by MQM for Pakhtoons and Hazarawal was to bring peace, harmony and break the nerve of criminals under the cover of ethnic color. The media has understood the importance of purpose of the Jalsa organized by MQM. Therefore, it should also be appreciated for giving appropriate time for its coverage.

By the Pakhtoons Jalsa, MQM has created an opportunity for both Urdu speaking community and Pakhtoons to prove that only symbiotic relationship will benefits to both in long term in Karachi. The advice of Altaf Hussain to protect the life, property and honor of Pakhtoons’ should be realized by common hard working Pakhtoons and therefore it is hoped that they will understand the benefit of symbiotic relationship in Karachi. By showing trust on Altaf Hussain they will help in winning the psychological warfare of mongering ethnic hatred in Karachi.

The way Karachi is descending towards the anarchy nobody will get anything. If Karachi is sucked in Anarchy, Pakistan will ultimately be a bankrupt and a failed state.

MQM is at least trying to play its positive role in bringing peace and harmony in Karachi by such activities. Now it is responsibility of all of us to play our role in bringing harmony and peace in Karachi. The peace can return if effective interior minister is given the ministry and no other political party can bring the peace in Karachi except MQM which is true representative of Karachi which is of 95% revenue generator of Sindh. The sooner people at the helm of affairs realize the better it would be for Sindh. Even if whole Karachi is burnt it will re-birth itself but Sindh will be completely paralyzed.


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