Pakhtoons Jalsa by MQM: an effort for a symbiotic relationship in multi-ethnic population of Karachi

It is true that the Karachi is mini-Pakistan because it consists of multi-ethnic community which has converged from all over Pakistan and India after its inception.  After proven impotency of JI in Karachi a MQM started taking its shape in 80s and it took landslide victory after 88 in Karachi. The establishment did not accept the rise of MQM in Karachi. The feudal lords and establishment started propaganda that if MQM will control the City by Vote it will be disastrous for other communities who do not speak Urdu. For the nefarious desire they induced mass-migration in Karachi under the supervisory role of political wing of ISI.

A large number of criminals who were expelled by Taliban from KPK sneaked in the form of migrants into Karachi after 80s. The induced migration to change the demographic superiority of one language over other has poisoned the multi-ethnic harmony and diversity in Karachi. Most of the people who have migrated after 86 were un-skilled therefore they made themselves available as low paid workers in all industries and service sectors. This behavior has reduced the employment opportunity for those who have converged in Karachi from other provinces before 86. The migrants have concentrated around all industrial state of Karachi like LITE, SITE, North Karachi industrial state and FB Area industrial state which has compromised with the security and ergonomics of the workers. The un-skilled labor were thrown out from the industry because of two reasons first they were unable to perform effectively second due to higher concentration they started black-mailing the employers. Some criminals took the shelters and started looting industries. When employment opportunities decreased with increase in population due to on-going inflow a natural war of survival started in Karachi.

In the bid to control the Karachi which is inhibited by the most cultured migrants from India, and Punjab, the intelligence agencies have destroyed the peace and harmony among different ethnic entities in Karachi. The hate mongering was started especially by criminals who took the cover of a particular political party which emerge as only representatives of Pakhtoons after fall of MMA. Criminals under the Umbrella of ANP started encroaching on state land and sold them to these migrants at through away prices. It has cost a huge loss to revenue of govt. Some un-seen forces monitored this process of unlawful land utilization as a result more ethic polarization created. It resulted in the complete segregation of one community from other.

Pakhtoons were given impression by mafias which control even state machinery in Karachi (like police and even Rangers) that only those ethnic entities will survive who will damage others’ life, property and honor. This impression has only benefited to the criminals who were expelled by Taliban from KPK.

The MQM has announced the Pakhtoons Jalsa for bringing peace, harmony in Karachi. MQM must be appreciated for the effort of breaking the ice. MQM has again proved that it is trend setter in Pakistan. It always thinks better and brings out of box solution for Pakistanis. If this Jalsa will be attended by large number of Pakhtoons and Hazariwals it will send a shocking message to the criminals who are involved in Bhatta collection from traders and target killing of innocent Urdu Speaking or Pashto Speaking people.

The motive of Jalsa organized by MQM for Pakhtoons and Hazarawal is to bring peace, harmony and break the nerve of criminals under the cover of ethnic color. The media needs to understand the importance of purpose of the Jalsa organized by MQM. Therefore, it should be given appropriate time for its coverage.

By announcing the Pakhtoons Jalsa, MQM has created an opportunity for both Urdu speaking community and Pakhtoons to prove that only symbiotic relationship will benefits to both in long term in Karachi. Pakhtoons are hoped to understand the benefit of symbiotic relationship in Karachi. Specially those Pakhtoons who are voters and have migrated from NWFP (KPK) four or five decade before, if they will attend Jalsa in large number they will help in winning the psychological warfare of mongering ethnic hatred in Karachi. The way Karachi is descending towards the anarchy nobody will get anything. If Karachi is sucked in Anarchy, Pakistan will ultimately be a bankrupt and a failed state.

MQM is at least trying to play its positive role in bringing peace and harmony in Karachi by such activities. Now it is responsibility of all of us to play our role in bringing harmony and peace in Karachi. It can be achieved if a large number of Pakhtoons converge to this Jalsa and send a message to all criminals in Karachi that Symbiosis is better than being a Parasite in Karachi. 


2 thoughts on “Pakhtoons Jalsa by MQM: an effort for a symbiotic relationship in multi-ethnic population of Karachi

  1. Great gesture by Altaf bhai. Pukhtoons and Urdu speaking brothers and sisters should work together for the long term benefit of our Karachi. Both these groups should hold hands of each other and never be divided. After all whom are they fighting with. We are Muslims and Pakistanies and no ones knows us by our ethnicity Internationally. Its time to realise and unserstand. United we stand. Divided we fall. Longlive this brotherhood.

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