Original youth revolution –“The APMSO”

Taking the advantage of June 11 as 34th Youm-e-Tsees for APMSO the writer is interested to share unbiased analysis of the performance of students’ wings and their role in revolutionizing the youth in Pakistan. 


It is to be noted that the political parties have created Students’ Wing as their proxies in academic institutions, but the most distinct character of APMSO is that it has not been created by any political party but it has given birth to a 3rd largest political party named MQM.


Since its inception the ideology of APMSO is based on Realism and Practicalism. It preaches, acceptance of reality with an open heart which it describes as Realism. Its positive achievement has been made through ideologically supported pragmatic programs which are the concept of Practicalism. The philosophy of Realism and Practicalism was conceptualized by its Founder, Mr. Altaf Hussain.


The pragmatic program which is organized by it for the youth are not only helpful for revolutionizing them as well it is nurturing the leadership quality and political acumen in them.


The revolution it has brought in the youth can be realized by the effective involvement of its members at the time of crisis in 90s. It is a common phenomenon that the members of students’ wing in Pakistan are melted down at the time of crisis faced by their political parties. The disappearance of their members reflects weakness of vision which remains un-translated into the practice of their followers; as a result their youth fail to fight for any cause.


While in the history of Pakistan APMSO is the only students’ wing whose youth did not disappear when its political party MQM was in crisis in 90s. The effective role played by its’ members proves that APMSO has harnessed its philosophy of realism and practicalism in its youth. As a result the youth of APMSO have been made revolutionary participant of change in the society and resistance against injustice.


They were prepared to fight for bringing the change in the society. From June 19, 1992, when workers and supporters of MQM were facing the worst state sponsored operation by using military and police as tool of terror (in which more than 25000 innocent workers and supporters were killed mercilessly) the youth affiliated with the APMSO did not melted down in crisis. During the operation the way the youth of APMSO kept the life line of communication alive was a miracle on earth surface. Mobile phone communication were stopped, pagers were jammed and e-mailes were being screened to stop the leakage of news of Killing of the workers and supporters of MQM, even then the youth of APMSO kept the communication line alive to the outside world by highly innovative ways and new techniques adopted by them.


APMSO members worked hard to bring supplements and pamphlets of their leader , Mr.Altaf Hussain’s  instruction by printing them wherever possible. If printing was not possible then making photocopies at secret places and then distributing it to people to keep them informed and resisted anti-MQM journalism with their hard work and prompt reply. The involvement of youth from APMSO in that crisis is a proof of how APMSO injects revolution, realism and practicalism in its followers.


No students’ wing supports the leadership development of its youth, because of the fear that if youth from underprivileged background will revolutionize their so called chairman of the party will not be able to fool the masses and plunder the resources of country in the name sham democracy. It is the reason that youth from humble background never gets o any top slot in the parent political party. In contrast to this almost all the office bearers in MQM have a transition period spent in the APMSO. The members of APMSO have been elevated to top slots in large number in MQM. The youth of APMSO are not cannon fodder for MQM rather members of APMSO are life blood and becomes brain to keep MQM alive, agile and effectively growing political party.


The writer has closely observed the behavior and conduct of the members of other students’ wings. Anybody can find that the followers of PkSF, PSF and PSA and students of Nationalist parties in Sindh, are mostly involved in different unacceptable activities in the society. As Pakistani Nation our memory is short even then we have not forgotten the involvement of members of PSA in snatching the cars from roads of Karachi and dumping those in Hostel of KU in 90s.


We cannot also forget the presence of Call girls in the hostel in rooms of a particular students’ wing’s so called leader when the hostel was searched in 90s for arms and drugs. How can anybody deny the torture and disrespect to teachers and non-teaching staff by the members of IJT. How can PTI followers forget the repulsive way IJT behaved on the visit of its leader Imaran Khan in Karachi University and Punjab University by force. How can we forget the brutal act of PkSF in which it tortured and killed ex-member of APMSO after abducting him from his office in Liaqat National Hospital, Karachi. The youth of APMSO can never dare to get involved in such activities because of two reasons ,one , they have inherited the vision of APMSO and two if anybody will get involved automatic accountability will lead him to be suspended from membership of the APMSO.


The APMSO is not only providing a forum directly to its members for leadership development to take charge of the affair of state in future but it also organizes programs and activities for non-members for development of leadership qualities in youth. Exhibitions, debates, quizzes, tournaments of cricket, hockey and other games in colleges, universities & town level, district level and city & provincial level are opportunities provided to non-members for their development.


From a large number of pragmatic programs the exhibition, of “Re-Engineering Pakistan” was a milestone achievement in history of Pakistan organized by APMSO. In that exhibition more than 50 corporate organizations have placed their stalls and 300 projects of scientific invention were displayed by the youth of Pakistan. This exhibition has sent a soft image of Pakistani Youth to the outside world. Organizing such exhibition was another example how APMSO is contributing in the development of youth of Pakistan not only for its members but also for non-members as socially responsible organ of Society.


Another program, “Pre-Entry Test” for the youth (students) interested to get admission in professional universities is also example of positive contribution by APMSO for the society. Although the pre-entry test was the sole proprietorship of IJT but the way APMSO has taken control of this field is superb. The quality of its material and questions are especially helpful for under privileged segment of our society who cannot afford to pay up to Rs. 30000 for preparation of their admission test.


APMSO organizes tournament of different games on regular basis at colleges and universities which provides youth to exhaust their evil energy in the ground and be more healthy and active in their class room participation.


The debate program organized by the APMSO at college and university level provides a useful forum to voice views of the Youth about a range of national and international issues. The debates are meant to not only help the young members in their personal development as a useful citizen, these also serve the purpose of articulating views of the youth on vital issues facing by the nation.


There are countless programs being organized by APMSO but writer is unable to capture the benefit of all of them to the society because of the shortage of space.


Syed Junaid Ali

The writer is a government lecturer


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