A Rejoinder: Why Election Commission of Pakistan has detected massive anomalies in Computerized electoral role only in Karachi based on Census

The Karachiites are disturbed with unprecedented move of Election Commission of Pakistan in which it has stopped the Election Commissioner of Sindh to work further on the electoral list of Karachi. 

Through a notification, the PEC Sindh has been restrained from exercising his powers across Karachi and instead a two-week special (powers) mandate has been given to PEC Punjab Mehbood Anwar. He would oversee corrections and also conduct investigation into the lapses, sources maintained. 
Acting Chief Election Commissioner Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan opted for this measure after having consultations with the Election Commission Members (ECMs) and then issued a notification on this count.

The Karachiites are unable to understand why such extreme measure of correction has been opted for only Karachi, the massive irregularities has also been reported in other part of Pakistan but no such measure has been taken in any other areas. The citizen are happy that by this measure the electoral role will be error free but the way the citizens have been always robbed under the name of various administrative decision they are doubting on this move.

In past the population of Karachi has been deliberately reported less than the actual, which has caused a huge damage to the infrastructure development and resource sharing. In this census a huge increase in electoral role is not wrongly reported, the election commission should remember that a huge influx of people from KP after Army Operation and migrant from Sindh after catastrophic rain has an increase in the population in Karachi. The election commission of Pakistan must understand the Karachiited and their representatives are not going to accept any move of reducing the actual population. Any such move will be severely repulsed and resisted.

A conspiracy hatched against transparent Census 2011 at Sind level-Silent Media War Machine against MQM

Today I have read news and column in The News and in The Dawn news paper against the Census 2011. The detail of the news are as under:

The Dawn: PPP irked by house count complaints – disappointment of Mr. Taj Haider

The Dawn: Census started at wrong time – Qadir Magsi

The Dawn: Assembly members interfering – All parties conference Sind

The Dawn: Sind and the Census – by Zulfiqar Halepoto – member Sind Democratic Forum

The News: Taj Haider Warns against census fudging

In all these news and column written by Mr. Halepoto, one thing is common. All news are filled with hate against MQM.  They have complaints that MQM is interfering with the process of Census by manipulating (helping) enumerators by (correct) registration of all houses. 

Anger shown by Nationalist parties, Taj Haider, Mr. Halepoto in news reports, only reflects that they have been failed in organized and dedicated support of their party workers at Mohalla level and City Level. This is just a hue cry to malign the process of census. Rather than helping the
census staff to register all things correctly they are trying to postpone or make census controversial.

Mr. Taj Haider and others must be Thankful, happy and ooperative with MQM on the organized approach in conducting this census.  After a huge influx from “FATA, NA, Gilgit Baltistan, Swat, North and South Waziristan after operation” and “Sind after flood” in Karachi this influx should be counted in another head of Census data. 

Mr. Taj you must accept that your team has lost the trust of Jialaz who were your torch bearer in streets and have sacrificed their lives for Bhutto family. At this moment your team is a real mix of Privileged class uprooted from basic party structure.  You correct your position and try to facilitate this process in Sind and come out with proper solution.  You bring a solution “for registration of flood affected victims” and “how to avoid double entry in Sind and other province”. You are failing in building logics and reasons; very soon nobody will remember you as friend of Sind or Karachi. Please, stop
this non-sense.

Mr. Halepoto (because of so called intellectuals like you), Sind has suffered a lot. You people have plundered the merits in Sind by two unique quota systems and now your Education minister claims that only 900 merit scholarships has been awarded to Sind at HEC in last four or five years. The only reason for this low number of scholarship for Sind is that Sindhi can no more compete on any merit contest because the education system has been totally destroyed here by people like you. You are exhausting your energy for disservice to Sindhis. For Allah Sake be honest and shut your bloody mouth. Let this census go on and do not destroy another opportunity for increase share of NFC award in favor of Sind.

Rather taking right steps to arrest the weakness of Census registration process why complete process is being malign. They are well aware that MQM has taken the best strategy to convert this disguise into blessing.

I request our brothers (specially to APMSO) yar please, ask students to write comments in favor of this census on internet in Dawn, News, and other newspapers. I do not find a single article in the favor of this Census today. Our membership is filled with intellectuals we need to persuade them to take
such matter seriously and immediatedly counter such propaganda by writing articles in favour of Karachi.

I have tried to insert a comment in the NEWs on Mr. Mirza’s claim against MQM in which he has given remarks that MQM is involved in killing of Wali Khan Baber for three days by writing the article in which a reporter from the NEWS has claimed that a known person from an Intelligence Agency is
involved in this killing, but they have not accepted my argument based on their own investigation.

I was specially disturbed on refusal of my argument but other comments were filled with abusive languages against our Qaid and MQM. As per ethics such comments which have used un-parliamentary words cannot be published in any newspapers of standard, why such comments are published continuously while comments in favor are rejected. Who are sitting at helm of affairs in Web
Master Office in their newspapers?

We need to reflect on our behavior of not taking “such un-balanced approach shown by Print and electronic media” seriously. We must take new strategy to counter such comments by asking our intellectuals in APMSO and MQM, by writing in favor immediately. It is our duty to understand the importance of media propaganda machine against us specially after our Jalsa in Punjab. We
need to understand the importance of Media war machine against us.

Please pay attention on this part of Our Weak Area

Thank You Altaf Bahi for your wisdom, that you have blessed us with MQM, and APMSA. Now it is our duty to work hard on overcoming weak area. I hope somebody in both of these institutions will realize the importance of this War machine and Damages which it is causing to MQM. When anybody reads news at Internet reads hate material against us all over Pakistan. If hate material is
available in the form of news comments on the Dawn, the NEWS, Jang you can realize the psychological impact on a common reader about us.

We all Karachiites must be thankful to Altaf Bhai who has advised the Party worker to ensure that not a single house should be left from registration and incorrect and bogus registration must be
identified without interfering in process of registration. The hard work and seriousness which I have seen in Orangi Town I salute Altaf Bhai on making the Workers realize the importance of the 6th Census for the Prosperity and Development of Karachi in Future planning.


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