ANP terrorist a Parasite for Pashtoons:

A Parasite is an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment (sustenance).

Or a parasite is a person or group of people who receive support, without giving any useful or proper returns, or who lives on the hospitality of others but simultaneously destroy them.

The ANP is a perfect example of a group of terrorist who are parasite for Pashtoons. They are living in Pashtoons area, selling drugs, guns and supervising Joway Kai Adday. The terrorists ANP are involved in Prostitution in Gairat Mand Pastoon areas and also involved in Kidnapping of not only others but also Pashto Speaking young children. It means that social fabric of Pashtoons is being destroyed by their activities.

The question arises what benefit a common pashtoon is getting from ANP?

Historically right from its inception the ANP has always destroyed pashtoons’ right of choosing correct. When Pashtoons were struggling for Pakistan so called baba Bacha Khan was against it. The single example of wish of baba not to be buried in Pakistan’s soil should be the eye-opener for the Pashtoons.

When the state of Pakistan (right or wrong is another debate) was fighting against the invasion of Soviet Union in Kabul, these so called poise ANP representative were sitting in Kabul and taking funds for defeating the state of Pakistan in its goal. They are still involved with Afghanistan in sneaking of Charas, Affun, Heroine and Guns into the border of Pakistan deep into Karachi. They are providing shelters to the agents of Khad from Afghanistan in Karachi for destabilizing it.

When Karachi was in Peace and tranquility, ANP supported the driver who Killed Bushra Zaidi in 80s, their supporters attacked on Urdu Speaking areas of Qasba and Aligarh. They burnt the houses, killed more than 200 innocents and burnt the children and women alive in those areas.

After Qasba Gory Incident they became more daring and started such attack more frequently. From last three years they are importing drug runners, terrorist and abductors “who were expelled by TTP” in Karachi, these bhagoras of KP are involved in attacking and killing of innocent Urdu speaking community in Qasba and Banaras area.

Such attacks and Killing should have drawn a red line of social and economical interaction of Urdu speaking community with Pashto Speaking community, but Urdu speaking community kept accepting “the bread earning activities” of Pashtoons in Urdu Speaking dominated areas.  A large number of Urdu Speaking people in Banaras area kept buying fruits clothes of winter, repaired their auto-mobiles from Banaras area in relatively cheaper rates. Even after attack on Katti Pahari and Qasba areas from 2009 to 2011, the Urdu speaking community never showed any hatred with them. They have always forgotten such act of mass murder with hope that common Pashtoon will one day rise against the atrocities of ANP.

Nobody can quote a single example of attack on the areas dominated by Pashto speaking people by Urdu speaking community. The Urdu speaking community have always prepared to defend themselves rather than attacking because they know it very well that Pashtoons are not attacking on Urdu speaking community but a gang of terrorist under the cover of ANP are involved in attacking their houses.

The Urdu Speaking community has started avoiding to buy fruits, clothes for winter and auto parts from Banaras not because they have shown hatred with Pashtoons but because not a single visitor of these shops were allowed to return back safe. The terrorist of ANP snatch their mobile phones, money and in some cases kill the visitors of these shops. The Market Committee protested many times but due to no-support from LEAs and Police they became silent on this issue. As a result non-pashto speaking people cannot dare to go to Banaras Market and Common Pashtoons have lost everything. The shop owners who were earning hundreds and thousands daily are sitting idle in their shops. Some of them can be found working on daily wages near KDA chowrangi, in Nazimabad in newly established Auto-part Market. The fruit sellers have lost all opportunity to earn livelihood for their family members etc,. Ultimately the common Pashtoon is at loss.

The ANP terrorist are forcing to the factory owners to employed 10 or more of its workers in each factory, it looks good that ANP is providing employment of the Pashtoons but the reality is that these workers are only being paid without any work. These workers only  turn up to draw their salaries. In some cases its workers are involved in attacking on factory at the time when consignments are about to deliver from the factory gate. Factory owners know who is behind such act.  It means that the ANP is destroying the image of Pashtoons as hard working people.

There are 100 and 1000s of other example which can be quoted for the loss of Pashtoons by activities of ANP.

Pashtoons must realize that the gang of terrorist of ANP will make them collapse in Karachi. These terrorist will go back to other areas when peace will return, but there will be a permanent damage to the soft image of Pashtoons. Pashtoons must open their eyes because the recent Killing of ANP workers in Lasbella, Bilal Colony, Kunwary Colony, Baldia town are result of fighting with each others. These are not targeted killing.

What a common Pashtoon is getting with the hatred mongering against karachiites should be realized by Pashtoons themselves.

The sooner sanity prevails better it will be for common Pashtoons.


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