Resolution in National Assembly for Siraiki Province is just start

In Politics significant developments in the history of states take place with political ploys. The resolution in NA may be a political ploy but it will ultimately leads towards a significant development for the future ofPakistan. If PPP is serious then it should table a bill to amend the Constitution to enable the elected representatives to create more provinces on sound administrative principles because it has majority in the house.

After our experience of about 65 years we have learnt that too big provinces or densely populated cities or areas are creating much difficult position. Sensing this danger,Indiahas intelligently increased its provinces from 16 to 28. But our 2% elites or feudal lord have kept common Pakistanis in dark by injecting poison in the form of slogans thatPakistanmeans only four Provinces.  

The sooner the civil bureaucracy, military leadership and our feudal lord will realize that big provinces are part of problem rather than solution, better it would be for the survival ofPakistanin near future. These forces must read the sentiment of the deprived people inPakistanthat if they will be neglected further, it will lead to prejudices and frustration it will also lead towards the anarchy and hatred againstPakistan,Baluchistanis just an example of such discord and anarchy.

In June 2009 National Assembly was informed during the question hour that out of the Rs. 20 billion loan obtained from the World Bank by the Ministry of Communication to construct mega roads in the country, not a single project was launched in the southernPunjab. Out of 18 projects, eight (8) were started in the central and northernPunjab. Likewise, out of the Rs 20 billion taken as loan from the Asian Development Bank, only one 37-km road project was started on the Multan-Muzaffargarh road. Allocation of mere Rs. 5 billion in Punjab Rs. 490 billion 2009-10 budget for the Saraiki belt is also cited to further the grievance. If any body will dare to raise the same question in Sindh Assembly regarding the revenue generated and proportion of development budget allocated or spent inKarachi, the answer will not be different from the Saraiki Belt.

The under privileged Pakistanis must appreciate the Muttahida  Qaumi  Movement because it is the only Political party having roots all over Pakistan and  supports  more provinces on need basis not on ethnicity or linguistic ground. 


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